Week of 5 September

While weaving does not constitute a large part of my practice last weeks sample suggested a return to a very simple loom. A square frame with nails hammered in at two opposite ends. I choose not to put the nails in evenly.

Here are some pieces worked on the loom. I’m interested to recreate some of the broken grids that were evident in the building demolition I’ve been watching for the past few months..



Amazing paper sculptures

A series of wonderful paper sculptures that have been appearing, anonymously, in Edinburgh in recent times (from March 2011 up to August 2011 so far). Check the story out here.


Image from http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-1Ac9Pp2m_b8/TlUvd6IorCI/AAAAAAAAAUQ/02eGTEcwPPU/s16…